The Beautiful Appearance Of The Moon Phase Tasting The Jacques Dro Large Seconds Series Moon Phase Watch

Jacques de Ronaldo is one of the oldest watch brands in the world, and there is an inextricable relationship with the royal family. For example, during the Qing Dynasty, it was favored by the royal families of the Qing Dynasty, and France King Louis XVI and Queen Mary Antoinette are also fans. 2018 is of far-reaching significance for Jacques Droe, as it coincides with its 280th anniversary, many extraordinary masterpieces have been launched for this purpose, such as the large seconds hand skeletonized watch, large seconds hand moon phase watch, hour and minute small dial Window enamel watches, parrot pocket watches and more. Today, we will feast our eyes and feel the light of watchmaking art. Next to admire this large seconds series moon phase watch, a combination of romantic poetry and superb craftsmanship, to pay tribute to the charming moon. (Watch model: J007533201)

The beautiful posture of the moon phase

   Although the moon phase function is not very substantial today, it gives the watch an elegant charm. The moon phase can accurately show the moon phase cycle from the new moon to the second quarter moon. The time period of the moon phase window is generally 29.5 days, and the error needs to be readjusted after a period of time. However, thanks to the unique mechanism developed by Jacques Dro, the large second phase of the moon phase shows the ‘real’ moon phase trajectory, which theoretically needs to be adjusted every 122 years.

Watch real shot

   The watch case has a diameter of 43 mm and is made of 18K red gold. The surface is polished and polished to give a lustrous, plump feel. The round bezel and case are integrated, embodying Jacques de Dro’s elegant and gorgeous watchmaking tradition. After the polishing process, the case and lugs blend perfectly, showing the beauty of smooth lines.

   The crown of the same material is still polished with a polishing process. It is engraved with the Jacques Dross double-star LOGO pattern, and is surrounded by a non-slip texture design, which has the convenience of time adjustment and comfortable debugging feel.

   There is a moon phase adjustment device on the other side of the case. The moon phase window can be adjusted by simply pressing the hidden button with a professional tool.

    The dial elements use the brand’s classic big fire enamel technology and the iconic number ‘8’ shape, showing the style of excellence and elegance. The dial is covered with a double black large fire enamel, showing a pure and pure black, like a quiet night sky. The ‘8’ dial in the middle of the dial, at 12 o’clock, is the hour and minute dial. The red gold hands indicate the time, which is simple and clear.

    At 6 o’clock is the large second dial, which includes the large second hand, analog date display and moon phase function. The moon phase display dial is made of black onyx and embellished with 18K red gold stars and 22K gold moon and moon. The surface is engraved with the moon’s surface texture, which allows us to enjoy a beautiful view of the moon phase.

   The watch is equipped with a black hand-rolled alligator leather strap, elegant and elegant, echoing the color of the dial, showing the overall unique aesthetics.

   The watch is equipped with a Jaquet Droz 2660QL3 self-winding movement with a power reserve of approximately 68 hours. The movement uses a silicon balance spring and an escapement fork, which is magnetically and shock-proof to ensure the watch’s precise movement. Compared to the 59-tooth drive gear of the traditional movement, the Jaquet Droz 2660QL3 movement has 135 gears. This precision movement is the result of the research and development project of the brand ‘Mechanism135’ (135 mechanism). Through the transparent case back, you can enjoy the free rotation of the 18K red gold rotor.

In summary: Jacques Droile has made a profound impact on the elegant watchmaking style. This year, the brand introduced the moon phase function in the large second hand series, using a superb watchmaking technique to interpret the mysterious moon phase. Moon turns and stars shift, elegant and unchanged. If you like this luxurious and elegant watch, you can pay more attention to it. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)