The Pioneer Of Timepiece Invention The Inventor Of Tourbillon

Recently, in order to celebrate the opening of the Breguet Shanghai Xintiandi boutique, and also to celebrate the concurrent opening of the third Breguet museum in the world after Paris and Zurich, Breguet has organized a tour called ‘Breguet’ in Shanghai. , Pioneer of timepiece invention. Inventor of tourbillon. ‘Tourbillon tour.

History of Precision Timepieces

Breguet’s contribution to the history of timepieces is obvious to all. At the same time, it also attaches great importance to the collection and commemoration of history. This new Shanghai store is not only the largest Breguet store in the world, but also the third store with a museum. Furnishing antique timepieces that witness the brand’s glorious history. More than 20 masterpieces covering more than 200 years of history are presented to the public, including pocket watches, travel clocks, custom watches and marine precision timepieces. The pocket watch type 2667 is one of three dual-calibre watches that Mr. Breguet has produced to verify resonance. The other two were purchased by King George IV of England and King Louis XVIII of France in 1818 and 1821, respectively, and are now in museums in Jerusalem. This Breguet antique pocket watch was made in 1814 and was bought back by the Breguet Museum in May 2012. It is precious and has set the highest auction price of Breguet antique watches so far.

宝: the inventor of the tourbillon

Undoubtedly, Mr. Breguet was the inventor of the tourbillon, an invention that brought a subversive revolution to the history of mechanical timing. This invention is full of genius ideas, but it is very difficult to produce. It is the most difficult installation of Mr. Bao Di’s many brilliant ideas. One of the reasons is: the weight of the tourbillon itself, this device must be lightweight (with a total weight not exceeding 1 gram), and at the same time have strong power to ensure that it can accurately offset the time error of the watch, rather than Bring more errors. In addition, more than 70 tiny parts need to be accurately installed to make it a perfectly harmonious whole. Therefore, not all watchmakers have the ability to build a tourbillon. Even after the 10-year patent expired on the tourbillon aligner, only a few top watchmakers have been confirmed to have built the tourbillon.

Since then, Breguet has continued to design and launch new tourbillon watches based on this unique historical heritage, and has formed the GrandesComplications series with complete styles and sophisticated constructions. This time, ‘Breguet, the pioneer of timepiece invention. The inventor of tourbillon.’ It is the origin and history of the tourbillon that is presented to the world.