The Temptation Of Patek Philippe 5170 Series 5170j Gold Watch

In 1839, the Patek Philippe brand came out. Patek Philippe embodies innovation and freedom in the overall process of process design, production and assembly, creating an international masterpiece of horrific watches that the world will admire. Enjoy a true masterpiece of timepieces with a Patek Philippe 5170 series 5170J gold watch.
The case made of 18K yellow gold is only 39 mm in diameter. The soft lines make the appearance of this watch more rounded, while the mirror is made of sapphire crystal glass, which has better light transmission and enhances the overall The appearance of the watch; the milky white dial with gold three-dimensional hour markers makes it more expressive; the back is made of the same material as the mirror, and the back-through design allows users to easily observe the internal movement structure ; The hand-stitched brown square scale crocodile leather strap is low-key and luxurious, and it has a touch of elegance when combined with the watch body; the folding buckle makes it difficult for users to slip off during wearing.
 The thickness of this case is only 10.9mm. The screw button on the right side is even more icing on the cake. The alligator leather strap is soft and comfortable to the touch. With the elegant body of the watch, this watch adds to the gorgeousness. A classic beauty.

 This Patek Philippe 5170J-001 belongs to the complication timing series, so its powerful function need not be said much. Its time display function is realized by the central minute hand, second hand and small second dial. This can reduce some power loss in peacetime, and it can free the central second hand and apply it to the timekeeping function. The chronograph function is realized by the 30-minute chronograph dial and the central second hand, so that the recorded time can be more clearly reflected on the dial, so that we do not affect the work at hand when we obtain the time information. It is matched with the timing start / pause button and timing zero button at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock. This design makes the operation of the timing function convenient, simple and easy to grasp. In addition, this watch also has a pulse frequency test function that most watches do not have. There is a circle on the outer edge of the dial, which represents the number of pulse beats per minute. At this time, we only need to start the timing function and feel the pulse of our pulse. When jumping 15 times, press the pause button. The scale indicated by the central second hand represents your pulse frequency. This function is useful for first aid and so on. The situation or the usual grasp of one’s health is very useful.
In addition, this watch also has a water resistance of 30 meters, which can meet the needs of our daily life, making the watch convenient for us at all times, not a burden. Overall, this watch is very functional and very user-friendly.

 5170J-001 This watch uses a polished manual CH-29-535 PS movement. This classic movement uses the principle of a star wheel structure, which is undoubtedly the symbol of a mechanical chronograph movement. The rigorous structure also makes this watch more accurate; and its power reserve reaches 65 hours, allowing users to spend every day easily
The CH-29-535 PS has a diameter of only 29.6 mm and a thickness of 5.35 mm. The optimization of the gear reduces friction, reduces energy consumption and wear, and other features of the CH-29-535 PS enhance this. Table stability and reliability.
 This Patek Philippe 5170J-001, as a nobleman in the watch, is close to perfection from the design concept to the artistic structure. Not only can it provide convenience to the wearer by virtue of its functional superiority, but it can also give the watch owner a taste with its gorgeous colors and fine crafts And the improvement of identity, the role of luxury watches is brought to life. Moreover, the movement it carries is a movement produced by Patek Philippe. It has the support of more than 100 years of Patek Philippe’s experience in watchmaking. It naturally goes without saying that it can guarantee the bold use of the watch. The market reference price of this watch is 710,700. Although the price is very high, it can be said that it is genuine and true to its functions, appearance, possible appreciation space and the popularity of Patek Philippe.
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