The World’s Lightest And Dazzling Touch Watch Unveiled

Swiss Tissot watch, which has always emphasized expression and creativity, has launched a new fashion of the T-Touch series this year: T-Touch dazzling bright titanium series, which is made of titanium metal. Material of case and strap. Titanium is called a ‘high-tech material’ because of its excellent light and strong material properties. The special polishing and dynamic design make it amazing on the wrist.

This series also combines six unique functions of the Tissot T-Touch touch watch: barometer (Meteo), altimeter (Altimeter), chronograph (Comon), compass (Alarm) and thermometer (Alarm) Thermometer) is another perfect presentation of Tissot’s collection of high-tech, sporty spirit and exquisite design. The titanium material used in the new T-Touch dazzling titanium series watch has a unique material structure, which makes it have a sturdy case, but the weight of the watch is reduced to only 100 grams, which makes it more lightweight when worn. In addition, in addition to having a smoother surface than steel, titanium has more sensitive properties, making the wearer more comfortable.
In addition, the titanium case of this series has been polished to make it more bright and stylish. In addition, the bright titanium series dial uses a carbon fiber synthetic surface, full of three-dimensional and sporty. At the same time, this series still combines six unique functions of Tissot T-Touch touch watch: barometer (Meteo), altimeter (Altimeter), chronograph (Comron), compass (Compass), alarm (Alarm) and The thermometer (Thermometer), because of the use of titanium metal materials, can better resist external erosion or wear, and can reduce the deformation caused by temperature changes, so that the six major functions can be used to the fullest, showing the high-tech, lofty A perfect example of sporty spirit and ingenious design.
T-Touch titanium series watches are attractive with six outdoor functions beyond the timepiece. The overall design is full of dynamics, which can be described as a sensory, harmonious, noble and avant-garde timepiece. Whether it is an outdoor explorer who needs a multifunctional and accurate timepiece or a city lover who loves urban life, the T-Touch Titanium Watch is the best choice to stay ahead of the times and stay ahead of the times.