This Is The Time To Express Your Love

The old saying goes, ‘Women are weak, but mothers are firm.’ While holding up Half the Sky and playing multiple family roles, the mother always exudes a tough female glory. Tenderness in May. In this season of praising mother’s love, Tissot has carefully selected four watches that combine the brand’s classic style and exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship to pay tribute to the mother with the holy halo on the wrist. Make the pendulum of time drive the gear of memory, and never stop engraving strands of thoughts in the time of gratitude. The mother’s resoluteness and calmness after time’s baptism bloom in her hands, put together in the outstanding Swiss quality, and accompany the mother every moment with the love of ‘core’.
Filial piety ‘core’, accompanied by every moment
 The watch gives the mother not only a timing tool, but also a perfect interpretation of the mother’s personality and personality, making it bloom on the wrist. The Tissot Durul series of white diamond-set watches. The white mother-of-pearl dial on the dial’s inner ring is matched with natural Wesselton diamonds. At the same time as the mother’s love shines at the same time, it also perfectly interprets the endless feminine charm in the elegant appearance. It is equipped with a mechanical power 80 movement, with a power reserve of 80 hours after full strings, allowing mothers to easily control the time and provide lasting power for the filial piety. The simple and capable white leather strap, while caring for the mother’s wrist, is the embodiment of the most intimate love of children.

Tissot Durul white diamond watch

Tissot-powered 80-hour mechanical movement
The ‘core’ heart reflects each other, blooming rose
 Every mother planted a rose in her heart. We donate carnations to mothers to express their children’s love for her. For mothers, it is the rose that can best express and interpret its characteristics. It carries love, independence, perseverance and romance, and brings endless reverie. Tissot cleverly captures this detail, and tailored the Xinyuan series automatic watch specially for mothers who seek strong independence and elegance, and send mothers gorgeous wristwatches. This series of watches is equipped with a power reserve movement with mechanical power of up to 80 hours, which captures the moments of mother’s love while engraving time; the meticulously carved Tissot family crest is like an independent blooming rose. The hollow rose design echoes the delicate flower-shaped decorative pattern engraved on the automatic hammer. Through the hollow rose window, the movement can be seen in full view. The diamond core, combined with the numerals and bar design on the dial, highlights the holiness and brilliance of motherly love. Through the hollow rose back cover, you can see the delicate and ingenious movement at a glance. It moves, and the buds move. With the leap of the pendulum and the melody of time ticking, the mother and the child are connected together like a heart, just like the wonderful journey of birth.

Tissot Xinyuan Series Automatic Watch

Tissot Xinyuan Series Automatic Watch Transparent Case Back
Implicit ‘core’ language, continue to write the retro trend
 Every mother has a retro dream in her heart. This nostalgia for the passing of time is endless. From mother’s clothing, jewelry to watches, the retro trend is like a muse in the fashion industry, inspiring people’s nostalgia and pursuit of beautiful things. The famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot watch pays tribute to the retro trend with the charm series gold watch in this bright festival. This series is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, which uses the oval cat’s eye design full of the mother’s feminine flavor. The full and smooth lines outline the mother’s elegant and noble breath. On the soft luster of mother-of-pearl, the 18K rose gold case interwoven with Roman numerals complements the retro trend. It is like a mother’s restrained and implicit expression of her children, which is worthy of deep taste.

Tissot Meili Automatic
Over time, ‘core’, achieve eternal classics
 The past is a golden age that everyone can’t forget. The Tissot Rock series of blue diamonds and diamond-set scales shine with self-confidence. Each diamond is a brilliant mark left by the mother when she changes her identity. Exquisite Roman numeral scales and bar scales are perfectly combined, matched with the elegant ‘Le Locle’ inscription, showing a strong and elegant temperament. This is not only a continuation of the brand’s craftsmanship, but also the exquisite beauty of the mother. It is equipped with a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement. When time ticks by the hands, the woman dances. It belongs to the mother’s elegant touch. A watch interprets the noble and gorgeous feminine style.

New Tissot Rock series blue diamond
 The earliest Mother’s Day can be traced back to ancient Greece more than 1800 years ago. People paid tribute to Rhea, the mother of the Greek gods, on January 8th. respect. Mother’s Day in the modern sense was founded in 1914. Since then, the second Sunday of May each year has become a special and warm holiday, a mother’s day-Mother’s Day. For more than a century, Tissot has always encouraged and praised the beauty’s contribution to the times. In the gaps of each time, Tissot watches have deeply imprinted with traditional timepieces based on tradition, and are willing to accompany the legendary life of each mother with a timepiece that symbolizes eternity.
Technical Parameters:

Tissot Durul white diamond watch RMB: 6,700
-Made in Switzerland
-80-hour power reserve movement
-Domed sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating
-Dial set with 32 individually cut natural Wesselton diamonds, each set at 8 graduations
-316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
-Water resistance to 5 bar
-Strap: leather strap, push-button butterfly clasp
-Size: 32mm * 32mm

Tissot Xinyuan Series Automatic Watch RMB: 5,600
-Mechanical power 80-hour movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-Transparent case back
-Water resistance to 3 bar
-316L stainless steel strap with push-button butterfly clasp
-Diamonds: 1 -0.0021 carats, natural Wesselton diamonds
-Size: 35mm * 35mm

Tissot Muli Automatic Watch RMB: 25,950
-Made in Switzerland
-Self-winding mechanical movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-Mother-of-pearl dial with Roman numerals
-Water resistance to 3 bar
-Leather strap with standard buckle
-Size: 26.5mm * 31.3mm

New Tissot Rock & Roll Women’s Blue Diamond Watch RMB: 5,450
-Made in Switzerland
-Self-winding mechanical movement
-316L stainless steel case, transparent case back
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-Water resistance to 3 bar
-Leather strap with butterfly buckle
-Set with natural Wesselton diamonds
-PVD coating on all rose and gold models
-Size: 39.3mm * 39.3mm