This Moment’s Speed Experience Tissot Racing Series Limited Edition Special Edition Watch

Racing is a battle closely related to time. Over the years, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot has been the partner of many motorsports and always provides accurate timing guarantee for the race. This year, Tissot has once again launched a limited series of racing watches for passionate motorsports. This series is specially designed for those who love motorsports and extreme speed experience. Motorcycle elements that symbolize speed and passion are perfectly integrated into the models. Details, the perfect fusion of the pursuit of the ultimate track spirit and infinite road style. The limited edition models of the racing series are all available in limited editions and come with a unique helmet-shaped case, which is like a piece of art worthy of being treasured, shining with a charming light.
The summit journey is about to begin
   In order to pay tribute to the long-established close relationship between Tissot and motorcycle sports, Tissot and MotoGPTM have launched two racing series limited edition watches-racing series MotoGPTM 2018 limited edition automatic watch and racing series MotoGPTM 2018 Limited edition watch. The watch incorporates the main colors of Tissot and MotoGPTM-red and black, a highly textured black appearance with striking red details, and a rose gold case, which interprets the same characteristics of both sides in every detail. The special model of the racing series perfectly combines the precision of the watch with the motorcycle elements that symbolize speed and passion. The brake disc shape is integrated into the bezel, and the back is cleverly adopted the tire style. The timer on the dial uses motorcycles. The design of the dashboard of the car; and the rubber wristband draws on the perforated leather on the racing suit. Motorcycle elements can be seen everywhere in the details.
   Two special models of the racing series are available in limited editions. The MotoGPTM 2018 limited edition automatic watches are sold at 3333, and the MotoGPTM 2018 limited edition watches are sold at 8,888. Both watches are packaged in helmet-type boxes, which is not only a precise and professional timepiece, but also a rare treasure.

Figure 1/2: Racing MotoGPTM 2018 limited edition automatic watch

Figure 3/4: Racing MotoGPTM 2018 Limited Edition
   This year’s special watch also includes a special MotoGPTM quartz watch specially designed by Tissot for its long-time partner MotoGPTM to commemorate the tacit cooperation between the two parties in terms of design, technology and precision. In the future, the longer and closer cooperation between the two parties conveys wishes. The black and gray PVD-plated case gives the watch a stylish yet dynamic look, and the motorcycle element details are perfectly embellished. The most distinctive of these is the silk-screened MotoGPTM official logo on the transparent glass back.

Figure 5: Special MotoGPTM quartz watch
Tribute to the champion
   In addition, as in previous years, Tissot not only cooperates with motorcycle races, but also launches the racing series Thomas Luz 2018 limited edition watch together with Swiss driver and brand ambassador Thomas Lüthi. Luz performed very well in the 2017 season and proved his position in the world’s top three in the Moto2TM competition with his strength. The launch of this watch also conveys the hope that Luz will be successfully promoted in the 2018 MotoGP ™ competition. The watch is full of motorcycle elements. It is also specially matched with the main color blue of the team that Luz belongs to. It is decorated with dials and wristbands.

Figure 6: Thomas Luz and Tissot Global President Mr. Francois Timbo

Figure 7/8: Tissot Racing Series Thomas Luz Limited Edition 2018
   Jorge Lorenzo, another Tissot global spokesperson, is an elegant and meticulous rider who has won several championships. The birth of the Tissot Racing Series George Lorenzo limited edition 2018 watch perfectly explains his unique style charm. The ingenuity of the design in the details installation is fully revealed, incorporating the main colors of the Lorenzo team, and the dial is decorated with red and white details, which is low-key and not losing its style. This series also has the official logo of MotoGPTM silk-screened on the glass back cover. It is packed in a helmet-type watch box and is limited to 4,999 pieces worldwide.

Picture 9: George Lorenzo wearing a Tissot watch

Figure 10/11: Tissot Racing Series George Lorenzo Limited Edition 2018 Watch
   The charm of the car lies in the fierce confrontation and competition. The Tissot watch comes from the elite blood of Switzerland and stirs up the sports factor. At this moment, with five watches that fuse precision and passion, it once again gives a great testimony to racing and precision timing. In the days to come, Tissot watches will continue to support the development of motorcycle races and witness countless exciting moments.