Tissot Lilok Series Automatic Mechanical Observatory Certification (News From July 12)

Sharing beautiful time
   Le Locle is located on the border of Switzerland and France, close to the Jurassic Mountains, an ancient town with a world-renowned watch. In 1853, the world-famous Tissot was born here; on the 150th anniversary of Tissot in 2003, the Lloyd series, which was named as the birthplace of Tissot, was grandly launched, in order to trace the essence of Swiss watch tradition and the modern top-notch system that is constantly innovating Table craft salute. Today, Tissot is eager to share with another time-loving masterpiece of the LEROK series-Tissot LEROKO series automatic mechanical observatory certification models with all those who love time.
   This watch from the city of time continues the classic elegance of the Tissot Rock series, with the smallest error in the art of timepieces, comprehends the accumulation of years, and cooperates with the wearer to embark on a journey of time that is exciting. The sapphire crystal glass with double anti-glare coating closes the hands to the elegant movement of the dial; the classically decorated dial with guilloche pattern and the fine leather strap make the wearer enjoy the wrist At the same time as the watch is comfortable, the wearer’s elegant, noble and tasteful attitude towards life is also more prominent. Each Tissot-Rocke series automatic mechanical chronometer certification model has an independent chronometer certification issued by COSC (Swiss Observatory Watch Testing Agency), and this movement has also won the 2011 Swiss International Chronometer Competition Enterprise Classic The champion of the group must be the best watch for men with the ultimate taste of time.
   Tasting elegance
   The sapphire crystal glass of the Tissot-Roch series observatory-certified watch has a double-layer anti-glare coating, which can better prevent the reflection and refraction of light. The dial reading is clearer and the three-dimensional effect is stronger. Through the mirror, you can see the elegant movement of the pointer across the dial more clearly as if you are passing through a transparent window. The dial itself also looks like an exquisite and small art palace. The guilloché-like decorative shading dotted the dial with a complex vector pattern. It has the embossed version of the beauty, highlighting the exquisite and superior quality of Tissot craftsmanship; at six o’clock below the dial.
   Its manufacturing process is more complicated than ordinary automatic hammers. Three additional processing steps make the back of the watch full of artistic flavor, highlighting the taste of the wearer. There are four different styles of watches in the same series. Either the gold case highlights the extraordinary taste, or the stainless steel strap with the black dial is used to express the boldness of black and white. Or the pure color design talks about the simple and low-key. The philosophy of life, and the rose gold PVD coating is one of them. It is commendable. The leather strap conveys a modern urban atmosphere, the rose gold color on the case creates an elegant nostalgic space, and the environmentally friendly PVD coating process, which is more durable than traditional gold plating, makes the classics more durable, and invites you to travel together.