True Love And Manifestation For Whom Do You Pay?

About three or four years ago, in the afternoon of a weekend, when friends of three or five were drinking and chatting, Jun A said, ‘Do you know the’ Three Vulgars ‘that are popular now?’. ‘Why ‘Three Vulgar’?’ We were all curious. When he was in France, he studied luxury management in France, and often traveled to and from Europe. It was also one of our “good purchasing agents”. ‘It’s Christian Louboutin’s studded shoes, Hermes’ belt and MMJ’s skull.’ Well, I don’t think it’s special except for good identification. Since A Jun’s words, my Hermes belt around the waist has pressed the bottom of the box and never touched it again.

Single Tour, Double Tour, and Cuff

   The reason for this is that the Apple watch with a Hermès strap was released at the Apple conference on September 9 last week. When I woke up, I discovered that the screen of the Double Tour was swiped. A few months. ‘ The Double Tour is going to be hot for no other reason. Like my big H belt at the bottom of the box, it is highly recognizable. How much does it cost to buy the smallest Hermes double lap Cape Cod? More than 20,000 RMB in China, this is only 9,888.

Cape Cod

   After dealing with luxury goods for so many years, I consciously buy luxury goods into four categories. The first category regards luxury goods as expensive daily necessities, and buy them comfortably. The second category is to like the beauty of luxury products, buy the beautiful ones. The third type loves to pursue fashion, buy popular ones. These goodies are the true value of loving this item, either comfortable, beautiful, or popular, and can be considered true love. And use luxury goods to show face, wear them out and tell others: Hi, I have money, I can afford them. This is unnecessary.


   I once mentioned a friend of mine in an article about buying watches. He loved Rolex watches and applied for a short-term credit card limit for a Day-DateII. Although the watch finally arrived, the following loan came, letting him It’s been a long time. I do n’t recommend this approach, but I agree. Why? Because my friend really likes the watch, why not give it away for true love?

Chinese love ‘BMW’

   On the contrary, in the past few years, I have been a car media person, and I have always been puzzled by a small number of people around the car’s unique views, that is, what kind of car represents the value of myself. To them, the car is their ‘face’, and the evil spirits are like a demon. They all use their loans and even buy a car that is beyond their capabilities. It has a better name for a better driving quality experience. Since it is so focused on quality, why not change your own quality of living and living first? After all, you ca n’t eat and drink Lazarus in the car?

Artwork by Anne Julie husband Poul Rasmussen

   Spend money for true love, worth it! If it is for display, how do you know that you have exhausted your energy to prove that you have hundreds of thousands of cars? It is just the price of a pipe that some people hold in their mouths. Why is this so hard? It’s hard to imagine a person with a peaceful heart, a happy life, and harmonious interpersonal relationships. People with pursuits and hobbies will “sun” the shopping list all day and tell everyone what he has bought.
   Next time, when you are going to buy another luxury product, ask yourself, are you going to buy it for others to let others admire and praise you? Or buy it for yourself, more for your own enjoyment?