Vacheron Constantin: Travel To Overseas (Part 2)

Who said that business people cannot wear a sports watch when wearing a suit and tie? Just because it’s not formal enough? Then just change the official leather strap! This is not difficult for Vacheron Constantin Overseas. As long as you move gently, from crocodile leather strap to metal chain strap, and then from metal chain strap to rubber strap, what style you want to change. Even the perpetual calendar or tourbillon travels together with ultra-thin watchmaking skills.

Fifth stop: timeless charm

   Before the emergence of the third generation of Overseas (the first two were launched in 1996 and 2004 respectively), it was actually very troublesome for travelers to wear multiple watches at once. First of all, the watch itself is a valuable item. It hurts when it is hurt, and it is even more crazy to lose it. It is not a problem to wear one. The question is how to protect other watches to be replaced?

Overseas Perpetual Calendar 18K5N pink gold case, 41.5 mm diameter, 8.1 mm thickness, hour, minute, second, perpetual calendar (date, week, month, leap year), moon phase, 1120QP / 1 automatic winding movement, thickness 4.05 Mm, power reserve 40 hours, Geneva mark, sapphire crystal glass and bottom, waterproof 50 meters, alligator strap, quick release mechanism, and rubber strap.

   Overseas with the strap quick release mechanism does not have this problem, because you only need to wear a watch and a few straps. Especially for travelers who travel far away to participate in important business activities, they must always wear a formal watch to wear a perfect suit. When they want to wear shorts on weekends, they feel that the crocodile leather strap is too formal. Sporty rubber strap. This design makes ‘wearing a watch’ less complicated, even the perpetual calendar that is among the best in complex performance.

   Basically having the ability to make a perpetual calendar movement is not easy, making the Overseas 1120QP / 1 ultra-thin automatic movement is even more powerful. Vacheron Constantin only uses a space with a diameter of 29.6 and a thickness of 4.05 mm to make a highly complex process that can automatically distinguish big, small months and leap years. In addition, the overall thickness of the watch case is only 8.1 mm; The calendar developed by the Observatory of Astronomy over the years has been worn on your hands! Whether it’s holding an admiring heart or simply showing off, it’s worth sharing with others on social occasions.

   After all, the perpetual calendar is not only a performance without the need to adjust the date, but also represents eternal wisdom.

The sixth leg: continuous motivation

   The tourbillon may not be the most complicated watch performance, but it is the most dynamic and complicated performance. Watching it revolving over and over again, thinking about how it eliminated the effect of gravity on the hairspring more than 200 years ago, and then reducing the error to make the timer more practical, I couldn’t help but admire it again. Even if you simply appreciate its movements, it can be regarded as a healing method for men.

   Vacheron Constantin has indeed produced many tourbillon watches in the past. They always make the very important frame of the tourbillon structure into a Maltese cross shape, which is unique and strengthens the brand image; and each Maltese cross frame is finely chamfered, and together with the upper arc shape The bridge is polished to a mirror-like effect and is very beautiful.

Overseas Tourbillon watch stainless steel case, 42.5 mm diameter, hours, minutes, tourbillon, automatic movement 2160, power reserve 80 hours, Geneva mark, sapphire crystal glass and case back, waterproof 50 meters, crocodile leather Strap with quick-release mechanism, plus a rubber strap and stainless steel chain strap.

   However, OverseasTourbillon is a little different. It is equipped with a self-winding movement, which is also Vacheron Constantin’s first self-winding tourbillon movement. It uses a ring-shaped automatic disc that effectively reduces the thickness and uses the weight of 22K gold on the half side. Improve rotation efficiency. No matter which side the automatic disk rotates, the linked gear will drive the V-shaped double pawl at the end, allowing the pawl to push or pull the gear to wind the movement, which is a very smart design. This design allows the OverseasTourbillon, which is only 1.039 cm thick with the case, to have endless power in life and continue to produce the tourbillon’s recurring picture.

The overseas tourbillon is equipped with Vacheron Constantin’s first automatic tourbillon movement. It adopts a ring-shaped automatic disc that effectively reduces the thickness and uses a V-shaped double pawl to achieve a two-way winding mechanism.

   A picture that symbolizes both practical and technological value.