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Literary Art Fresh Nomos Neomatik Champagner Wristwatch Tasting

Whether it is an ideal way of life or a beautiful mood of personal longing, Xiaoxinxin always upholds the characteristics of elegance, nature, simplicity, detachment and tranquility. It seems that it has gradually become synonymous with youth and vitality. The thickness is slim, with the accuracy of the observatory certification level, and the price of the watch has not been increased because of these three items. These three values ​​are the embodiment of the value of the small fresh style NOMOS watch. Slim, elegant and highly accurate, this is the NOMOS next-generation automatic watch series: Neomatik. At the 44th Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show in 2016, NOMOS launched the new NOMOS Metro Neomatik champagner watch, which is exquisite and elegant, full of animated little freshness. (Model number: 1107)

‘Fresh’ from the classic style


   The award-winning NOMOS Metro is now also available in a self-winding style-modern fluorescent orange hour markers on the champagne gold dial highlight the slim and avant-garde side of the watch. One of them ticking away is the NOMOS automatic winding movement DUW 3001. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, this new generation of ‘motor’ is only 3.2 mm thick and extremely accurate.

Watch dial display

    The round case with a diameter of 35 mm is made of stainless steel and is tough and delicate. Adopting a two-piece structure, polished and refinished, the texture is delicate, the gloss is soft, and it is more beautiful. With a thickness of 8.06 mm, it retains the classic size and is full of arts and crafts.

Watch crown display

    Equipped with a non-slip textured crown with the brand logo engraved on the crown for easy adjustment. The polished crown is also exquisite in texture, giving off the unique luster of stainless steel, adding a touch of beauty to the watch. The lugs are similar to the wide ‘U’ linear device to surround the strap, with avant-garde design and unique fixing methods.

Watch dial display

    An electroplated champagne gold dial with fluorescent orange minute markers. The color of the watch dial is richer, and the fluorescent orange minute time scale emits a warm orange light in a dark environment, ensuring the watch and beautifying the dial.

Dial display on watch

    The hands adopt a small three-hand design, the central hour and minute hands are rhodium-plated, and the new gold “neomatik” logo is decorated below the 12 o’clock position of the dial, instead of the previous neon color, which contrasts with the champagne gold of the watch dial. Full.

Under the table display

    The sub-dial is located above 6 o’clock and is decorated with a snail-shaped pattern. It is equipped with a fluorescent orange spray-painted second hand and a minute hour mark to embellish the dial, giving people a beautiful enjoyment.

Watch movement display

    It is equipped with the tenth movement independently developed by NOMOS: the new generation DUW 3001 automatic movement. This movement is only 3.2 mm thick and equipped with a high temperature fired blue hairspring, which is not only extremely thin but also extremely precise. Water-resistant to 30 meters.

Watch strap display

   An orange vegetable-tanned natural cowhide strap, hand-stitched and hemmed, is a delight. With pin buckle, it is easy to wear and does not fall off easily. The polished buckle has smooth lines and is linked with the strap to add points to the watch’s temperament.

Watch overall display

Summary: The champagne-colored NOMOS is stylish and attractive. Inheriting the previous classic elements such as spots, small three-pins, and minimalist style, the watch is bold and innovative. From color to luminous paint, it adds color to the charm of the watch. It is full of small freshness. If you like small fresh style and simple elements, it is recommended to start with this watch.

The World’s Lightest And Dazzling Touch Watch Unveiled

Swiss Tissot watch, which has always emphasized expression and creativity, has launched a new fashion of the T-Touch series this year: T-Touch dazzling bright titanium series, which is made of titanium metal. Material of case and strap. Titanium is called a ‘high-tech material’ because of its excellent light and strong material properties. The special polishing and dynamic design make it amazing on the wrist.

This series also combines six unique functions of the Tissot T-Touch touch watch: barometer (Meteo), altimeter (Altimeter), chronograph (Comon), compass (Alarm) and thermometer (Alarm) Thermometer) is another perfect presentation of Tissot’s collection of high-tech, sporty spirit and exquisite design. The titanium material used in the new T-Touch dazzling titanium series watch has a unique material structure, which makes it have a sturdy case, but the weight of the watch is reduced to only 100 grams, which makes it more lightweight when worn. In addition, in addition to having a smoother surface than steel, titanium has more sensitive properties, making the wearer more comfortable.
In addition, the titanium case of this series has been polished to make it more bright and stylish. In addition, the bright titanium series dial uses a carbon fiber synthetic surface, full of three-dimensional and sporty. At the same time, this series still combines six unique functions of Tissot T-Touch touch watch: barometer (Meteo), altimeter (Altimeter), chronograph (Comron), compass (Compass), alarm (Alarm) and The thermometer (Thermometer), because of the use of titanium metal materials, can better resist external erosion or wear, and can reduce the deformation caused by temperature changes, so that the six major functions can be used to the fullest, showing the high-tech, lofty A perfect example of sporty spirit and ingenious design.
T-Touch titanium series watches are attractive with six outdoor functions beyond the timepiece. The overall design is full of dynamics, which can be described as a sensory, harmonious, noble and avant-garde timepiece. Whether it is an outdoor explorer who needs a multifunctional and accurate timepiece or a city lover who loves urban life, the T-Touch Titanium Watch is the best choice to stay ahead of the times and stay ahead of the times.