What Are The Female Watches Around 10,000 Yuan? Three Models Of Elegant Female Watches Recommended

There are more and more women who like watches now. Watches of about 10,000 yuan are the entry styles of many brands, and naturally they attract the attention of many ladies. What are the female watches around 10,000 yuan? How about a female watch of about 10,000 yuan? What kind of female watch can I buy for ten thousand yuan? Next, the editor recommends three elegant ladies watches of about 10,000 yuan for everyone.

 Movado-Concerto 0606420 Ladies quartz watch gold strap perfectly combines with the classic museum surface, elegant and refined. The Concerto series watches draw inspiration from the sun dots of MOVADO’s most classic museum collection dial, interpreted into a retro arc-shaped case, with starry black and mother-of-pearl white dial backgrounds, highlighting women’s unique Calm intellectual and elegant. For you looking for a good looking female watch, it is definitely a good choice.
 Related watch information: Van de Po-Nek-K Garden series 13300 ladies quartz watch, brown dial lined with artistic Arabic numerals, stainless steel PVD rose gold 72 stone (white diamond, colored sapphire) case, leather + The silk strap watch is stylish and elegant in appearance. Equipped with Cal. 98 quartz movement, date display, waterproof to 30 meters. Watch both inside and out. How can you miss the pursuit of stylish watch matching?

 Omega Constellation Series Women’s quartz watch star emblem divergent light pattern, highlighting the style. Equipped with Omega 1376 quartz movement, power reserve: 32 months, water-resistant to 100 meters, high accuracy, highly acclaimed. The famous claw design has been refined and upgraded cleverly. The stainless steel case bracelet is built. The frosted links and polished chain needles are arranged horizontally. Classic features.
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