Zenith Zenith Pilot Series Pilot Family Happiness Sailing

ZENITH Watch Factory, which is about to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the factory, has never left its birthplace in the past 150 years, and has participated in the great project of aviation adventure since the 1920s. One of the watchmaking factories that manufactures cross-international military aircraft dashboard timers and pilot-wearing watches. With its deep historical roots and military watches, the Zenith watch factory is also the only brand in the altar that can put Pilot on the dial. Three major features of military watches: the oversized digital hands for easy reading are covered with super luminous material, the non-reflective black matte dial, the oversized onion-shaped crown that is convenient for pilots to wear gloves, and can be adjusted easily Missing Domineering DNA!

Pilot Montre d’ Aéronef Type 20 Tourbillon

‘Aviator Watch’ is a rich name. These aircraft instruments were originally designed for flight, and the conditions of use were extremely severe. Their mechanical devices were subjected to rigorous tests, such as withstanding sudden changes in temperature, severe vibrations, humidity, and changes in air pressure. These technical indicators that need to be achieved in the mid-1930s have continued to evolve with the changing times and the development of aviation technology. After 1938, these special indicators were named ‘Type 20’. Re-reviewed and maintained. For example, the French Air Force, the Naval Aviation Department, and the Flight Test Center are equipped with the flight instruments and watches. To this day, these instruments and watches produced by only a few manufacturers in that year and obtained ‘Type 20’ certification have become a member of the flying instrument temple after very strict screening. Therefore, Zenith has named these pilot series ‘Type 20’ precisely because it has the bloodline of royal watch.
Pilot Montre d’ Aéronef Type 20 Tourbillon
The Pilot Pilot Type 系列 20 Tourbillon Pilot’s Chronograph Tourbillon Watch, the most striking Pilot watch in the dominating market in 2013, is made of titanium and rose gold. A tourbillon rotating frame is set on the upper left of the dial. At the same time, the patent calendar frame display of Zenith Watch Factory has been added. This asymmetric aesthetic design visually highlights the tourbillon design device, and its operation can be clearly seen from the hollow dial, while maintaining the delicate proportions and elegant lines. Patent date display is set on the tourbillon frame, the watch is equipped with a high-frequency star movement El 明星 Primero 4035 D automatic chronograph movement. The ‘HB’ mark and its watch number are visible on the side of the case. The general tourbillon watch is equipped with a 28,800 rpm movement, which has reached its extreme limit. The Zenith Timepiece has a super-traditional design and excellent technology. It mounts a complex tourbillon device on an ultra-high frequency movement, which is less on the market. Some chronograph tourbillon watches, in addition, also have a date display, it is a rare masterpiece in today’s tourbillon watch market!

Pilot Montre d’ Aéronef Type 20 Annual Calendar

Ingenious Almanac watch is the result of the collaboration between the International Clock Museum and Zenith
The 4054 calendar movement is distinguished by its extraordinary complexity. In addition to the hours and minutes display, small seconds and 60-minute counter at 6 o’clock, the watch is also equipped with an annual calendar function, and the birth of this outstanding design can be attributed to La Chaux-de-Fonds International Watch Museum, the talented museum curator Ludwing Oechslin designed the ingenious annual calendar complication. This complication not only displays the calendar, the day of the week, and the month. It only needs to be manually adjusted once a year at the meeting of February and March. In other words, the timepiece layout is clear and easy to argue, the appearance is simple and generous, and the complicated and exquisite Zhenli calendar watch is full of infinite charm !. What’s more worth mentioning is that most of the calendar complex functions must consist of 30 to 40 moving parts, and this work requires only 9 moving parts. In the use of space to improve and reduce the probability of failure, Zenith greatly overcomes Technical difficulties. Pilot Montre d’ Aéronef Type 20 Annual Calendar The annual calendar complication of Pilot Montre d’ Aéronef Type 20 Annual Calendar is the result of the collaboration between Zenith and the International Watch Museum. The calendar function is a complex watchmaking process. It is equipped with a chronograph movement to add a degree of difficulty to the process. This calendar chronograph movement is entirely manufactured by Zenith Watch Factory. Through the sapphire crystal bottom, the inside of the movement is undoubted . This timepiece is available in stainless steel, in combination with titanium and rose gold. The side of the case shows the Swiss Civil Aviation registration mark ‘HB’ and the unique watch number.
Pilot Montre d’ Aéronef Type 20 40mm
The new women’s watch is like a star shining brightly in the wide sky. ‘Pilot Montre d’Aéronef Type 20 40mm Pilot Women’s Watch’ is equipped with a moderately sized 40mm case, with the iconic convex crown of the antique pilot’s watch, and the Zenith flying instrument logo engraved on the case back indicates the timepiece Origin. The all-diamond style shows the most elegant beauty. The dial, bezel and lugs of rose or white gold are decorated with no less than 491 VS diamonds (about 3 carats). A simpler and more subtle style is also available. The silver dial outer ring is equipped with rail-type hour markers, while the diamond is set only on the rose gold or stainless steel bezel (about 0.95 carats), which is more elegant. ‘Pilot Montre d’Aéronef Type 20 40mm Pilot Women’s Watch’ is dazzling, or delicate, repetitive, large-scale original Arabic time scale, and covered with superluminova super luminous material to ensure clear and easy to read in the most extreme use environment .

Pilot Montre d’ Aéronef Type 20 40mm

Pilot Montre d’ Aéronef Type 20 40mm Pilot Women’s Watch (Full Diamond)

The 100% fully-manufactured movement watchmaking factory Zenith has never left its birthplace in the past 150 years. Since the 1920s, it has participated in the great project of conquering the sky. It is the first in the history of watchmaking to manufacture instruments for military aircraft. Chronograph, and one of the watchmaking factories for pilot watches. Zenith is also the only brand in the altar that can print the word ‘PILOT’ on the dial of the watch, demonstrating its long history with the pilot military watch. Pilot Montre d’ Aéronef Type 20 Annual Calendar, a new pilot watch launched in 2013; allows people to once again experience the important role played by Zenith in conquering the sky.